Life Coaching

Your Life in Your Hands … What will You Do with it?

Whether you’re seeking a new career direction, more work/life balance, or a resume refresh, we can help. We coach and counsel student and professional clients by working with you to plan a career strategy. In addition coaching can include planning for specific work related events such as presentations and reviewing your day to day work relationships.

David Williams is a Master Certified Behavioural Coach and as a Wellbeing Coach has helped many people internationally with career and job search advice. David is a Member of the Association of Job Search Trainers, the Job Search Institute, an Affiliate of the Career Coach Institute and is an Approved Interactive Coach (AIC). He is also an honary member of staff at Queensland University where he is a student career mentor.

Creating a solid path to an awesome future requires you to establish how happy you really are with what is going on in your life. Taking a deep dive into your life dimensions brings to the surface many of the reasons for your level of satisfaction and the misalignment in your life. With this information you are finally able to create your roadmap to your future. Enquiry about The Life Program below.

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